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Now in Ghana. Get your freight delivered from China in the whole district of Accra Same-day.
Now in Africa. Get your freight delivered from USA, UK & China to your doorstep in Nigeria and Ghana

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Air cargo Ocean cargo Land cargo

Shop from any E-Commerce

stores in USA, UK, EUROPE & China

and Airfreight to Nigeria / Africa.

Can't find it locally!!! Buy from USA, UK, Europe & China

We will deliver to you in Nigeria / Africa

Starting @ $5 per pounds in 3/7days.

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Our Service

Ocean and AutoMobile Shipping

We assist business owners and individuals with Ocean Cargo and Automobile shipping from the United States/United Kingdom to Nigeria through via Roro or Container shipping

Personal Shopper Services

With our personal shopper services, we provide shopping assistance for single product or bulk purchases from any e-Commerce stores in the United States, the United Kingdom, and China.

Air Cargo

Using our Shopping Address, you can shop from ANY e-Commerce Store in the United States, the United Kingdom, or China, and we will deliver it to your final destination in Nigeria.

E-Commerce Shopping

Buy directly from Nigerian Stores and experience fast delivery to your home or office address. Free return and 100% money back guaranteed.

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What to know before getting started. F.A.Q

Here are some of the most common questions we get from first-time customers.

1. 1. I would like to know about your services in the UK ?

We offer home pickup from anywhere in United Kingdom and airfreight from UK to Nigeria in 2-5days.

2. What are your Ocean shipping rate from USA to Nigeria? I want to ship a car.

Please contact us to get a personalize Car shipping rate from USA to Nigeria.

3. Can I ship gadgets using HEY-Logistics from USA/UK to Nigeria ?

Yes you can ship Gadget, and many more Products using our shipping services in USA, UK or China, we have a flat fee rate for Hamzat. Learn more.

4. How much does it cost to ship via Air-Freight from UK to Nigeria?

Shipping rate from London to Lagos is £5.80/kg plus handling charge. Shipping fees covers Customs duties, taxes, VAT, and clearing fees. Learn more.

Why Choose Us?

How to use HEY platform as a Business.

How To Request for Air Freight To Nigeria

Request Airfreight from USA, UK and china when your products safely arrives any of our warehouse facilities

How To Request For Personal Shopper

Using our Personal shopper service, we have a team of experience shopper who are happy to purchase any products you need from across the USA, UK eCommerce stores